About Us

Mangalam Foundation is a philanthropic and charitable organization with a firm and enduring commitment to improve the lives of the underprivileged people. Our guiding principal is to serve the weaker section of the society and the deprived citizens with the help of our tireless efforts to improve their living. It is a non profitable service oriented voluntary registered organisation with govt. of Maharashtra, India.
We are committed to serve physically, mentally, and spiritually on ideas and practices of renunciation, self-control, truth, continence and honest labor. The foundation projects are driven by a sense of intense sacrifice and dedication that are channelized through the sustainable development strategies to alleviate sufferings.

Our Services at a glance are

Accommodation for Cancer patients

Food grains to underprivileged class

Financial assistance to needy patients


Sponsoring deserving students to continue their study

Organizing seminars on Education, Health & Finance

Free Career Counselling


Rehabilitation services

Awareness programmes

Provide health services


Free coaching & computer class for poor