Mission & Vision

  • Object of foundation is to help the weaker section, encourage rural development, distribution of food, medicine, clothes, etc. to the underprivileged class. We also provide educational help to poor meritorious students.

  • Mangalam foundation organizes regular seminars on different subjects like training on personality development, behavioral science, astro science, yoga, meditation, medical camp, career guidance etc. It organises Computer training, Stiching & Coaching classes for poor.

  • Major challenge before us is to bring the awareness for our right, we have to utilize our position, experience and influence by projecting problems to appropriate authority for "Good Governance"

  • There is good evidence to suggest that the quality of education - as measured by test scores - has an influence upon the speed with which societies can become richer and the extent to which individuals can improves their won productivity and incoems. It is well established that the distribution of personal imcomes in society related to the amount of education people have had. (EFA Global Monitoring Report)

  • It shows high private returns to primary education as it is measured in terms of attainment of basic skills and not years spent in school.

  • Bring awarenes & respect to old aged member of family & society who has rendered their life for the benefit of all of us.

  • The foundation is organising medical camp like Eye operation, Jaipur leg fitting, Medical check-ups & Blood donation camps etc.